Top 15 Congregational Worship Songs of 2012

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Top 15 Congregational Worship Songs of 2012

15. “Taste of Eternity”
Writer(s): Jason Ingram/Sean Curran
From: The Heartbeat // Bellarive
Use: Father-focused worship, underscores God inhabits the praises of his people.
Descrip: Addresses and contemplates the Father, prayerfully affirming his majesty, holiness, worthiness and declaring “The taste of eternity is on our lips…with every breath we sing of your majesty”

14. “What a Savior” (Song DISCovery 98)
Writer(s): Eddie Kirkland/Steve Fee, Steve/Todd Fields
From: Kings & Queens // Eddie Kirkland
Use: Energizing Jesus-focused declaration of praise and call to praise.
Descrip: Describes Jesus’ myriad attributes, calls the Church to sing his praises, then takes its own advice. 

13. “Risen Today” (Song DISCovery 99)
Writer(s): Aaron Shust/Charles Wesley
From: This Is What We Believe // Aaron Shust
Use: Perfect Easter song that bridges generations and engages the whole congregation.
Descrip: Telling the gospel story from beginning to end, what Christ did, what he accomplished in us and for us, dense with theological truth and meaning.

12. “Strong God”
Writer(s): Meredith Andrews/Jason Ingram/Jon Egan
From: Center of It All // Desperation Band
Use: Focus on the Father and a call to worship him.
Descrip: Tells of the strong and holy God who is higher than any other, yet present to defend, provide for and free his people.

11. “Oh Our Lord” (Song DISCovery 99)
Writer(s): David Leonard/Leslie Jordan/Paul Baloche
From: The Same Love // Paul Baloche  ► Reason to Sing // All Sons & Daughters
Use: A modern day psalm to worship the majestic God in all his beauty and glory.
Descrip: Proclaims “how Majestic is your name in all the earth” from Psalm 8 and proceeds to share with lyrical finesses and melodic charm all the places where God’s beauty and majesty are seen. 

10. “Jesus at the Center” (Song DISCovery 100)
Writer(s): Israel Houghton/Micah Massey/Adam Ranney
From: Jesus at the Center // Israel & New Breed ► Echo // Free Chapel
Use: Declaration and acclamation of Jesus as the foundational centerpiece of our faith.
Descrip: Equal parts prayer and proclamation—simple, easy to sing, emotional with scriptural ties to Colossians 1.

9.  “Here and Now” (Song DISCovery 103)
Writer(s): Eddie Kirkland
From: Kings and Queens  // Eddie Kirkland
Use: A song to form our desires and launch us into God-inspired action.
Descrip: A declaration of and prayer for what we want to be as the Church: a place of refuge, grace, freedom, welcome, peace, hope, and compassion—plus a cry for what we want to see and be in the world: justice, mercy, truth, and love.

8. “The Same Love” (Song DISCovery 100)
Writer(s): Paul Baloche/Michael Rossback
From: The Same Love // Paul Baloche
Use: Tells us about who God is in Christ and what he has done—good setup for personal dedication, consecration, communion, or altar call.
Descrip: Paints a picture of God’s saving, redeeming, sacrificial love, and the divine exchange of our weakness for his strength, our brokenness for his life, as he calls us by name—regardless of our condition or character—to himself and the Cross.

7. “White Flag”
Writer(s): Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman/Matt Maher/Jason Ingram
From: White Flag  // Passion
Use: Confession of our sin, consecration and surrender of our lives to God, and declaration of our vocation as Christ followers.
Descrip: Life as a battle. When we give up our sin and rebellion and surrender to Christ and embrace the Cross, we win, love wins, and our internal war is over.

6. “Cornerstone”
Writer(s): Eric Liljero/Reuben Morgan/Jonas Myrin/Edward Mote/William Batchelder Bradbury
From: Cornerstone // Hillsong LIVE
Use: Proclaiming the source of our hope and faith in all circumstances, the chief cornerstone Jesus Christ. Perfect for an altar call.
Descrip: Both a tender and anthemic fusion of classic hymn (“The Solid Rock”) and fresh lyrical content—both a live and studio version are available on the album.

5. “When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor)” (Song DISCovery 102)
Writer(s): Jennie Lee Riddle/Jonathan Lee
From: Breathe In // Phillips, Craig & Dean ► People & Songs: Opus 1 Collective // Jennie Lee Riddle
Use: Focus attention on the promise of Christ’s return.
Descrip: Combines end-times imagery (Isa 34:4, Mt 24:29, Mk 13:25, 1 Jn 3:2) with the worship of Revelation 5:13, “Singing blessings and honor and glory and power forever to our God.” 

4. “Greatness of Our God” (Song DISCovery 83)
Writer(s): Reuben Morgan/Stuart David Garrard/Jason Ingram
From: Forever Reign // One Sonic Society
Use: To draw the congregation into prayer and adoration.
Descrip: A beautiful psalm/prayer that confesses our weakness asking for God’s help to see beyond our fear and anxious hearts and at the same time declaring that his greatness and love cannot be constrained or diminished by our feelings, or circumstances. 

3. “One Thing Remains”
Writer(s): Brian Johnson/Jeremy Riddle/Christa Black
From: Be Lifted High // Bethel Live ► The Loft Sessions // Bethel Music ► White Flag // Passion
Use: to encourage and build confidence in God’s unfailing love and acceptance: “You never give up on me.”
Descrip: Translates Paul’s declaration in Romans 8:38-39 into everyday language. 

2. “At Your Name (Yaweh, Yaweh)”
Writer(s): Tim Hughes/Phil Wickham
From: Response // Phil Wickham
Use: Proclaiming our love for God’s name, acclaiming his worth
Descrip: God-centered, no holds-barred worship as man and all creation bow before his utter transcendence: “At Your name / Angels will bow / The earth will rejoice / Your people cry out”

1. “The Church” (Song DISCovery 98)
Writer(s): Chris Brown/Mack Brock
From: For the Honor // Elevation Worship
Use: To call God’s people to missional worship and service in the larger world.
Descrip: Declares our identity as image bearers of God’s compassion, and mercy, “Now’s the time for us to rise and carry hope to hopeless eyes,” whatever the cost.


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    9 comments on “Top 15 Congregational Worship Songs of 2012

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    2. Well, we in our local Church certainly agree with “One Thing Remains” & “At Your Name”. And we still have a strong connection with “10,000 Reasons” as if it were fresh and new. We’ll do “Cornerstone” and have done “All Because of the Cross” off of “The Same Love”. This response is mostly to recommend and a lot less mainstream fare than listed above.
      1) Rend Collective – “Build Your Kingdom”. These guys get the Church Universal in a way sorely lacking in our churches and music today. They also reintroduce tradition in a fresh way, ergo “You Are My Vision”. These are indispensable songs for your churches.
      2) Ben Cantelon – “Love Divine” – One of the absolute best communion meditations I’ve ever encountered; another area in which we’re lacking. (p.s. go get “Everything In Colour”, easily a top 10 album of 2012)
      3) The Royalroyal – “Praise Him”, “How Wonderful”, “Mighty Hands”, ” Life In You” … I can hardly contain my enthusiasm for the passing of the baton to such inventive, relevant, non-derivative worship leaders. No accident they have toured with Crowder & Phil Wickham this year. Just go get “The Royalty” now; it’s a top 3 album (or better) … then tell your keyboard player to jump into his/her “Big 80′s mode” and strap in.
      4) Brian Wahl – “Though I Walk Through The Valley”. He gives the chord sheets away. I prefer the acoustic version on iTunes, but the album version is nice too. We seem to have had our share of tragedy and adversity over the past 18 months, and this song, along with “One Thing Remains”, “10,000 Reasons” and “At Your Name” have been our touchstones.

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    5. What about Great I am by Jared Anderson? Thats about the best song I can lead right now. Probably the best song I have ever led!

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