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Christ for the Nations Music
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Yet another invaluable set of worship songs from Christ for the Nations Music that will most likely become a staple among churches practically everywhere.  Uncreated One is what you would expect, a series of songs recorded in a live setting with ambient guitar and synth sounds as well as strong, emotional choruses that glorify God’s greatness and all of this supporting subdued, piano-driven, introspective songs expressing God’s immanence.  Though nothing out of the ordinary or avant-garde, Uncreated One provides solid material with lyrics that are theologically sound, melodies that are singable, and a drive that sets minds into an environment of praise and adoration—perfect for the church worship setting.

“Deep Cries Out,” “Great I Am,” “Let Us Remember,” and “You Are Exalted” are among the best of the collection and will be the favorites of many congregations.  “Deep Cries Out” and “Great I Am” are uplifting and upbeat songs of rejoicing that proclaim and ignite excitement for God into the hearts of worshipers.  “Let Us Remember” and “You Are Exalted” are more low-key at first but transform into anthemic shouts of praise, entering into an honest and pure communion with God.

MoreUncreated One supplies worship leaders with songs fit for services of worship: inward and outward expressions towards God that glorify his immanence and transcendence while being pleasant to the ear and easy to catch on to.

Less: If you are looking for something different than the standard Christian worship sound found in most church services, you won’t find it here.

Lindsay Young


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