VMeter Review

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Function: USB MIDI Controller
Price: $59.99
What’s New: Blue lights, a sleek black exterior, and touch sensitivity, what’s not to like?   VMeter is a USB MIDI touch strip designed with the electronic musician in mind.  The touch-sensitive pad allows you to control different parameters with a flick of your hand, with blue LED lights to mark the last position of your finger.  Touch position, pressure, touch/release, note on/off, pitch wheel, and crossfader are some of the many output possibilities of the VMeter.  Practically, the VMeter has almost unlimited applications, such as track volume, pan, effect send volume, delay feedback control, string vibrato, filter pass, and many more. 
            The VMeter is extremely light but feels sturdy and durable enough to travel with in a gig bag or laptop case.  The touch sensitivity is great and works incredibly well, even giving the ability to jump to higher or lower levels instantly and an unlimited amount of VMeters can be plugged in alongside each other. 
            While many might scoff at a MIDI controller with a limited scope of controls, a single dedicated fader control can actually be a lifesaver, especially in low-light situations, or if you are a drummer or guitar player running tracks, it’s a great way to control track volume, start/stop and digital effects.  At just $59.99, this unique, great looking USB controller is a great asset to any computer musician. 


For more information about VMeter visit vmeter.net.


-Andy Toy
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