We Won’t Be Shaken

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1-building429Building 429
Jason Roy, lead singer of Building 429 said this in a recent interview: “As we headline shows this year, we want to make sure the gospel is clear and we want to love on people. We want our album to convey that.” With We Won’t Be Shaken, Building 429 has accomplished just that, declaring the gospel and sharing the love of God through music. Passionate about declaring the truth of our redemption and new life in Christ, Building 429 delivers powerful & biblically solid lyrics wrapped in a thoughtfully balanced mix of ballads & rock anthems.

Title track and radio single “We Won’t Be Shaken” sets the tone and theme of this record. With laser-like intentionality, the guys of Building 429 crafted each song along with help from well-known producers and writers, Jason Ingram and Rob Hawkins. With so much experience and talent banding together to work on this project, Building 429 has continued to exceed our expectations with every song. This album will work well for personal worship, sermon series openers or closers. Every song will encourage the listener to move toward a deeper understanding of how God wants to use his people to declare his glory and love to the world. Listeners will be challenged to live a life filled with the love and grace of the gospel. Songs like “Get Up,” “Press On,” “Revolution,” & “Blameless” are all destined to be stand-outs, showing Building 429’s ability to bring dynamics and diversity to their song writing.

From beginning to end Building 429 impresses with We Won’t Be Shaken!

More: Masterfully written and produced. This album is truly a joy to listen to.

Less: Would have loved to have at least one congregational worship song on this record.

Jay Akins
4.5 stars

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    2 comments on “We Won’t Be Shaken

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    2. Seems accessible for the intermediate musician, has a very encouraging message, the hook stays in mind long after the first listen, and I defy anyone to not sing a long after the second time through the chorus.

      I plan to incorporate “We Won’t Be Shaken” into our worship set as soon as I can find a chord chart so my team can begin working on it.

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