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Paul Stephens

Wonder introduces a solid new talent to worshipers. But even better it brings to light an artist and leader who deserves some of our attention. The reason? He is able to artfully, powerfully, prayerfully, and melodically point our gaze toward Christ. Wonder is Christian pop filled with sweeping melodies and nicely woven instrumentation that ranging from electric guitars to synths to dramatic strings all supporting Stephens’ significant vocal acumen. Of course with Ed Cash at the helm as producer, we wouldn’t expect anything less than a perfectly balanced lush musical array. Stevens stands out in his chosen genre with songs that are heartfelt responses to the miracle of Christ’s work in his life. It’s something you can’t fake, and it comes across on this short collection of songs.

More:  A beautiful and worship-oriented release for your personal listening.

Less: Stylistically Stephens could do more to make him stand out from the many other artists in the pop genre.   

Jeremy Armstrong

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