Worship Leader Reader’s Choice Awards


The October 2013 issue is currently in the works. You may recall from past years, this is traditionally our editor’s choice issue, but last year we added to that one more voice: yours. We are doing it again this year, so please take a couple of minutes and submit the resources that have helped you in your ministry this year. As best as you can, please make sure your products released this year between since last October. The top reader’s choices will be published in Worship Leader’s October issue this year.

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    8 comments on “Worship Leader Reader’s Choice Awards

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    3. WorshipLinks.us – hands down my favorite compilation site for worship links from around the web. It’s like someone hand-picked all the best clothes at Goodwill and has them ready at the counter for you. Check it!

      Also the CMB.com – hands down my favorite new site. Beautiful design, solid content with a depth in creativity.

    4. Great online Worship Resources and interesting ‘news’ straight to my in box– Musicademy Website/Blog

      Excellent Musicademy Training DVDs and online lessons

      Very good Software available – Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Pro Wav Player

    5. Living in South Africa we find that so many “aids” for churches are just too expensive. musicacademy gives us so much especially in the “free” sections. Even the backing tracks which are so expensive to buy, have given us idea and help do create our own. This site is a tremendously valuable site for me as a pastor and musician. The articles are to the point and theologically sound. Thank you so much for the opportunity to give my views

    6. Songsheet – an excellent app for Ipad. Helps with set lists, displays lyrics on a screen,
      Makes transposing and placing capo easy and even prints songs with or without chords for the technologically timid.

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