Worship Seminar with Chuck Fromm

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God Still Speaks: Worship as a Living Theology of Communication
We are delighted to welcome Chuck Fromm to teach the January post-graduate course. With a doctorate in communications theories, Chuck is the perfect instructor for this seminar on a theology of communication in worship.

When: January 9-10, 2012 (This event is open to the public.)

Where: The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies | Orange Park, FL

Registration: Online Registration / Mail-in Registration

Seminar Description: Society is in the midst of a revolution in communications structure. A digital/networked/ Internet-based culture is developing with new ways of connecting, collaborating, creating and circulating. Since worship, at its essence, is communication or communion with God, it is critical for worshipers and stewards of worship theology to understand models of communication and their implications. Fromm’s seminar builds upon his mentor Robert Webber’s theology of communications and also draws from leading communications theorists. He offers insight for worship leaders navigating the new communicational waters, and examines the impact and potential outcomes of present trends. Fromm says, “Cultural elements are converging: selling and sharing, being an audience for worship and participating in a community of worship, hierarchies and networks.” God is still speaking. As we remediate the past utilizing the tools and language of the present, we are formed and transformed by the worship we offer to our immutable ancient/present/ future God. Click here to view the worship seminar schedule.

About: Dr. Chuck Fromm is the publisher of Worship Leader magazine and CEO of its parent company Worship Leader Media–a pioneering nondenominational communications company that serves churches through remediating ancient content in contemporary language and imagery through various educational environments and media.

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