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7 Easter Lessons

How can the unique Easter worship leading experience inform the rest of the year? Here are 7 ways.

Why Do We Sing About a Silent Night at Christmas?

Do you wonder why “stillness” is an enduring theme in art about the incarnation? Here are some thoughts on the stillness of Christmas.


4 Reasons We Celebrate Advent

Before Advent starts this weekend, here is a primer on the reasons to include it in your worship.

This Is Not How It Should Be – Advent readings

A template for you to use allowing the season of Advent to resonate deeply with your worshiping community.

A Christmas Wrapped in Praise

A biblical account of our biggest responsibility this season.

Worshiping God in Ordinary Time

Summer is “Ordinary Time” according to the Church calendar. Packiam delves into how we can discover our supernatural God in the ordinary.


Learning about Lent

Whether you observe Lent or are simply curious about the practice, here is a concise breakdown of the tradition.

Every Sunday Is a Little Easter

The one thing worship leaders must not forget during Lent.

Everyday Ash Wednesday

Easter is probably already on your radar, but what can a worship leader do to prepare for Ash Wednesday?

What if Every Sunday Were Advent?

3 keys to making sure every service of worship is informed by the Advent expectation.

This Is Not How It Should Be

Understanding the Season of Advent as the herald of God’s just kingdom.

Prelude to Thanksgiving

Tis the season … for possible burnout. Be blessed and encouraged by the story behind a classic hymn dedicated to thankfulness.