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Why Lament in Worship?

8 biblical reasons why laments need to be part of our services of worship.

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

A short blessing, insight, and prayer for us all to remember as we gather for Thanksgiving.


When Tears and Praise Mingle

How authentic emotion can bolster the worship of our communities and become a witness.

Worship in the Shadow of Death

Gleaned from leading several funeral services, here are formative insights for worship leaders in their everyday ministries.

Interview: Tim Timmons

Tim talks about worshiping through suffering and what it means to serve a living savior.

Where Are the Songs of Sadness?

Not only do our churches experience the complete spectrum of human emotions, the Bible models worship that includes lament. Here is a brief exploration of a missing element of worship.


Feeling Forgotten By God?

Throughout history, God’s people have worried that they have been forgotten by their Lord. Have you ever felt this way?

Prelude to Thanksgiving

Tis the season … for possible burnout. Be blessed and encouraged by the story behind a classic hymn dedicated to thankfulness.

Leading Lament

How will you lead worship this weekend in lieu of the Boston tragedy?