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Is Your Worship Prayer or a Program?

The vast importance of grasping worship as public prayer as opposed to platform performance.

Song of the Morning Stars

Music was there during creation … so how do we use it today in our churches?


Worship Renewal Starts Here

Praying is the most important thing you will do today. Here are 4 necessities in your commitment to connecting to God.

The Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting

How does approaching our Sunday morning service as a prayer meeting impact our preparation for and planning of the service?

Knowing the Target

Kim Walker-Smith shares how personal prayer and devotion gives us leadership clarity and moves out to make a difference in our worshiping communities.

Houses of Prayer

In remembrance of Hughes Oliphant Old, here is an article he wrote for worship leader on his passion for prayer in our services of worship.


Winging Our Prayers

We prepare our songs every week, but our prayers are often not given the same treatment. Here are some thoughts on impromptu prayers.

The Agony of Prayerlessness

How music is our God-given instrument for prayer, and why that matters.