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Prayer in the Hard Rain

From Bob Dylan to worldwide revival, here are thoughts on renewal and the revival of your church’s sung prayers.

Worship and Transformation

Transformation comes with worship; the question is, “What are we truly worshiping?”


Pressure Release

Before the biggest weekend of the year, take a moment to release some of the pressure and remember the presence of God.

The Story of Worship

What the great awakenings tell us about worship today

Singing as Holy Communication

More than aesthetics, what exactly is happening when we sing our prayers to God and one another in worship?

Worship Renewal Starts Here

Praying is the most important thing you will do today. Here are 4 necessities in your commitment to connecting to God.


The Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting

How does approaching our Sunday morning service as a prayer meeting impact our preparation for and planning of the service?

Finding a New Song, Biblically Speaking

Are you looking for novel songs or ideas or are you looking for the biblical New Song? Based on Psalm 40, here are some of the differences.

Worship Restart

How to evaluate and update stale worship practices.

Something Old, Something New

Pulled from the Worship Leader archive, Matt Redman encourages us remember the past while moving forward.

Looking Forward to Worship

How can we approach worship services in a way that is filled with awe and enthusiasm? Psalm 27:4

3 Essential Ideas for Leading Through Change

Church leaders are guaranteed one thing: change will occur in their worship practices and ministry. Here are some reminders on how to lead in a healthy way.