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Social Justice

Prayer in the Hard Rain

From Bob Dylan to worldwide revival, here are thoughts on renewal and the revival of your church’s sung prayers.

Worship that Reflects the One Worshiped

Finding continuity between musical praise and righteous living.


When We Worship Without Integrity

Why spiritual transformation and biblical adherence matter to how we worship.


How the sacrifice of a person who is marginalized displayed grace and opened the eyes of this worship leader.

Hope in a Time of Sorrow… Standing With the Persecuted

As atrocities continue, we can stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Musical Missions

Incredible personal discovery and change is possible if your team is willing to answer the call.


Worship With a Mission

On discovering your heartbeat-mission in order to contribute to the global great commission!

Called to Costa Rica

What happens when you hear a clear call from God to start a worship ministry in Costa Rica? This worship leader from California shares his story to take a step of faith.

A Heart Moved With Compassion

Understanding how compassion can unlock the power of a service of worship.

Mission and Worship

Leslie Jordan reminds us that we have a part to play in God’s redemption of the world, in fact, It’s what we were made for.

The Marriage of Worship & Mission

Darlene Zschech shares her daily purpose and reason found in responding to God in song and in deed.

This Is Not How It Should Be

Understanding the Season of Advent as the herald of God’s just kingdom.