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The Bible

What Would Jesus Sing?

Intentionally spotlighting scripture in our worship music

When a Friend Attacks

Has someone wronged you? With Psalm 55 as a source, here are some biblical options.


6 Worship Responses to God’s Glory

Here are six ways Scripture admonishes us to respond to Him.  

To the Pastor

Biblical worship does God’s story. God’s story is not this or that story contained in Scripture. God’s story is the story that Scripture tells from Genesis through Revelation.

The Word and the Music Stand

How does your church symbolically or literally communicate the centrality of the Word in worship?

Portraying Christ Clearly in Worship

5 ways to ensure your worship is scripture-rich and Christ centered.


A Place for Fear in Worship

Biblically, encountering God causes fear … but what does that fear lead to?

Under the Knife

An exploration of biblical sacrifice and what it means to worship today.

When the Word Leads Worship

Giving God's Word the central place in your service planning.