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What Is Worship?

What’s Your Worship Like?

When the music fades, does your worship still have substance?

True and Proper Worship – Becoming a Living Sacrifice

Before we begin singing, wise worship leaders understand what it means to lead and become a living sacrifice.


Who Owns a Hymn?

A look at the ongoing sung narrative of God’s salvation throughout history.

Wonder in Worship

The importance of pouring out the “perfume of wonder” at the feet of Jesus in worship.

Encounter or Experience?

Tim Hughes asks, “Are we only entertaining our congregations, or are we creating space for true God-encounters?”

6 Worship Responses to God’s Glory

Here are six ways Scripture admonishes us to respond to Him.  


Explaining Worship

Giving context to why we worship and what it means is instrumental in leading our communities of faith.

Worship and Transformation

Transformation comes with worship; the question is, “What are we truly worshiping?”

Pressure Release

Before the biggest weekend of the year, take a moment to release some of the pressure and remember the presence of God.

4 Important Characteristics of Worship

Four essential aspects of a weekend service.

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

A short blessing, insight, and prayer for us all to remember as we gather for Thanksgiving.

The Art and Heart of Successful Liturgy

Liturgy is a bit of a worship buzzword these days; what does it mean and how does it affect your leadership?