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What Is Worship?

The Worship Wheelbarrow

As beautiful as it can be, we must always remember that worship music has a function.

Corporate Worship Is Better Than (Treating It As If It Were) Your Quiet Time

The important difference between collective quiet time and corporate worship.


Is Your Worship Effective?

God’s measure of effectiveness is higher than “good feelings.” Are you leading in a way that is aligned with his purposes for your church’s worship?

The Agony of Prayerlessness

How music is our God-given instrument for prayer, and why that matters.

A New Year, a New Priority

Here’s a paradigm shift to alleviate some of the pressure you might have a tendency to place on yourself.

Climate Carriers

How worship leaders can transcend cultures, performance issues, and other uncontrollables in a service of worship.


6 Ideas That Changed How I think About Worship

As the year draws to a close, here are some worship ideas to ponder that will inform how we lead others in worship.

The 4 Movements of a Worship Service

We came across this printed directive on the 4 elements of worship written by Robert Webber. We thought we’d share it with you.

Fallen Worship of a Glorious God

Exploring the impact of original sin on our services of worship today.

Making Your Work Worship

You lead worship on the weekend, but have you led your congregation to worship throughout the week? Here are some ways to start the conversation.

God’s Presence—What Is It?

Understanding the presence of God and what it means truly engage with God as we worship and lead worshipers.

God Is Great; God Is Good

The two attributes of God every worship service needs to acknowledge.