Worth It All

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Worth It All2Meredith Andrews
Word Entertainment

With a Dove Award on her mantle for “Worship Song of the Year,” one would assume that Meredith Andrews knows how to write a song…. And she does—ten of them, in fact (eleven, counting bonus track “Pieces”). Each of the songs on Worth It All would be instantly at home on Christian radio (as many of them almost certainly will be), and the vast majority of them would serve well in congregational worship.

Andrews has the ability to take simple song structures and overhaul them to create something memorable. Each song melds congregational proclamation with introspective prayer in differing amounts, running the gamut from straight-up worship to songs that would work well as special music in a service. Her experience as a worship leader in Chicago’s Harvest Chapel shows through, leaving the listener—and hopefully the worshiper—in a better place when it’s all said and done.

More: Each song is virtually a textbook example of how to structure a well-crafted song. You’ll find yourself humming the melodies a half-hour after the disc is done.

Less: It’s the disc’s very radio-friendliness that is also its limitation—the lines blur a bit between worship song and performance piece.

4 stars
Greg Wallace


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