You Make Me Brave

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youmakemebraveBethel Music

Bethel Music’s second live album of 2014 was recorded at the Bethel Women’s Conference in Redding, California. The production and musicianship are excellent, as are the all-female vocals coming from worship leaders like Jenn Johnson, Kari Jobe, and Amanda Cook.

Standout track “Forever,” recorded earlier this year by Jobe, celebrates the greatest story ever told: Christ’s death for us and his resurrection from the grave. “Forever” gets extended treatment in this live setting, and it’s worth every minute. 

You Make Me Brave includes three spontaneous worship tracks. How you feel about them might depend on your theological tradition and convictions, but at least these are passionate declarations of love and trust in Jesus.

More lyrical engagement with the biblical story of God’s pursuit and redemption of us would have made this project even stronger. But as it is, exuberant love for Jesus is a mark of the entire record, which never strays from the grand themes that God is for us, and we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. 

Sounds Like: Anthemic arena-pop with driving synth and all-female vocals. 

Top Songs:
Most Singable: 
Most Biblical: “Come To Me” 
The Whole Package: “Forever”

Resources Available: Chord charts, lyrics, videos, event listings and more at

Kristen Gilles
4 Stars 

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