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Future of Forestry 

We only got our hands on the EP of this record before the release, but here’s a feel from that sampling.

 Make no mistake, this isn’t exactly music you’d pull out for a service of congregational worship; it is however, music to add immediately to your listening rotation. Based on the strength of their previous indie-quiet-quirk-rock releases, there is solid reason to trust in the FOF crew (whose catalytic center is songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eric Owyoung). Ambient and spare soundscapes yet lush with melodic tones and hypnotic Buckley-meets-Bono vocal stylings make Future of Forestry one of the most exciting outfits in the indie-industry. So best guess, Young Man Follow is a win. The hard facts are these: The Bono-esque vocals are more prominent, but more side-project-Bono, ie. Million Dollar Hotel. This time around, things are orchestrated to the utmost synthesized precision—haunting beauty cauterized by wandering melodies and minimalistic musical touches accessorized by bells, whistles, and strings (all most likely synthesized). As for the worship experience? It’s nice to know that the songs come from a place of faith; it makes the spiritual interpretation easy to find and even profound when taken to heart. 

It’s been a cold bitter mile
maybe it could be a while
’til the sun and the sky light the way.

I’ll bring you close you could stay,
before our time has gone away,
we should say,
the things that we should say.

Of course the songs would work just as easily for a listener who had no intention of identifying them as an act of worship. Just as well—certain types of art need to simply brew in the seasoned life of one who believes.

 More: Beautiful melodies and a unique ability to keep clear of formulaic approaches drive this ambient folk/synth rock release.

 Less: The depth of artistry is wonderful, but for some, it may make the declarations of God’s worth tough to find.  

 4.5 stars (for the EP)
–Jeremy Armstrong

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    One comment on “Young Man Follow

    1. Not sure if you have ever seen them live, but very little of their music is synth. That’s the beauty of FOF!

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