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Dear Worshiper

December 7, 2016
Some thoughts on God, worship, and song requests from a worship leader to a worshiper.

Conditional Worship

August 18, 2015
Do you or your congregation put conditions on what will get you to worship? Here are thoughts on how to offer God worship, not our conditions on when he deserves our praise.

Timeless Songs

March 10, 2015
Constructing a worship set that will stick with your congregation as they leave the weekend service.

Love & Love God

January 13, 2015
What does it mean to love your congregation? How does that affect how you lead from the platform?

Is Your Crowd Loud or Proud?

November 25, 2014
4 tips on getting your congregation as proud of our great God as they are of their favorite football team.

Dealing With Criticism

August 12, 2014
Every worship leader wears a target; the question is how will you respond to the “advice” you so often receive?