Song Story: “In The Fields Of The Lord”

“In the garden of the Lord our work is sound. He is weaving every thorn into a crown.”

A remedy for anxious thinking, In The Fields Of The Lord reminds us of our Father’s working and our role in it. His labor is indeed sound: thorough, reliable, and free from defect; and his “tending [of] every leaf and every vine” will ultimately result in no more darkness or tears.

This simple yet arresting melody will carry your congregation; evoking timeless, comforting hymns like Be Still, My Soul and In The Garden.

While the truth of the song soothes fears and brings comfort, there is also a gentle call to repentance implied; a charge to change our way of thinking and to trust, hope, and rest. To “be still” as the Psalmist says. To “let go, and let God” as 12-steppers say. To consider Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, so that we will not grow weary or fainthearted.

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In our worship – not just our “in the building” worship but our “in the worldwide church” worship – there are many different voices. We may gravitate toward some, and not toward others. This is natural, human. But we cannot dismiss any of our brothers and sisters for the ways in which they worship; in Christ, there is no them and us, no nation or denomination.
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