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Part of the Worship Leader family, this online community is designed to highlight what is authentically happening in local churches with an eye on what is taking place on a global scale. In order to do that, your participation is required!

Here you will find a resource filled with insights, articles, videos, setlists, and more that come from the Worship Leader community; a community that includes well-known artists and pastors, alongside local worship leaders and professionals.

And You! Your voice is welcomed here.

If you have an article or resource (book, online resource, software, or gear) to contribute, submit it here.

To submit a song for editorial coverage by Worship Leader and/or possible inclusion on Song Discovery, submit it here.

If you don’t have anything concrete to offer to the community, join the conversation. Use your personal and professional experience to interact in the comments offering expanded ideas or personal experience. We often find that the comments on worshipleader.com are as enriching as the articles themselves. Our community is respectful, thoughtful, insightful, and ready to help out where they are needed.



orship Leader is:

Believing that God is the Audience of our worship, we provide a trusted community in our changing world, gathering the collective wisdom of a network of leaders and practitioners across the worship spectrum to foster enriched relationship, inspired communication, practical skills, responsible stewardship, and creative excellence.

Worship Leader is a resource for the curators of worship—pastors, worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, sound and visual techs, technology stewards, artists—always pointing them toward the one true worship leader, Jesus Christ, through theological, multimedia, and educational tools.


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More than 20,000 church leaders rely on Worship Leader magazine to provide biblical wisdom and best practices for worship since 1992. We track down answers to the toughest questions and squeeze into six issues the experience and wisdom of thousands of pastors, worship leaders, authors, thought leaders, and new-media specialists.

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Empower your worship services to be the best possible! Worship Leader magazine offers an upgrade to the magazine subscription called Song Discovery. Song Discovery is a compilation CD featuring a cross-section of new, congregationally proven worship songs. Each CD showcases up to 12 songs, plus each track on the CD include chord charts and lead sheets in 3 keys, lyrics for PowerPoint, and 3 LiteTracks from MultiTracks.com.

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NWLC is the most comprehensive worship conference available. Ministering to and drawing from faith traditions around the world, NWLC has become the premier gathering place for pastors, worship leaders, and their teams.