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Worship Leader’s devotional podcast platforms guests that are passionate believers with a great story and an even better message for our large audience of worshippers. Our guests are creatives who walk with God daily and bring a great word to the Body of Christ. They include worship leaders, pastors, educators, speakers, and artists. Listeners will travel along each week and hear an intimate first-person story and learn how, through that story, our guests have built a lifestyle of worship.

Latest Episodes


A Conversion with Benjamin Hastings

Benjamin William Hastings

In the latest episode of “Conversations on the Walk,” Worship Leader Magazine’s Joshua Swanson sits down with the talented Christian songwriter and artist, Benjamin William Hastings. Hailing from Ireland, Hastings shares insights into his life, Christmas traditions, and the profound journey of faith that has shaped his music. Rediscovering the Presence of God Hastings begins…

Benjamin William Hastings Conversation on The Walk
Benjamin William Hastings Conversation on The Walk

A Conversation with Darlene Zschech

Darlene Zschech

Darlene Zschech Unveils the Heartbeat of Christmas and the Soul of Worship In a candid and spirited conversation with Worship Leader Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Swanson, Darlene Zschech, the renowned Australian musician, songwriter, worship leader, and pastor, shares insights into her life, Christmas traditions down under, the state of worship music, and the heartbeat behind her…

Darlene Zschech Interview
Darlene Zschech Interview

A Conversation with Jenn Johnson

Jenn Johnson

In a recent interview, songwriter and worship leader Jenn Johnson, renowned for her award-winning song Goodness of God, shared insights into her perspective on worship, the role of the local church, accountability, and the songwriting process. Johnson, who received the Song of the Year award at the 2023 Dove Awards for Goodness of God, opened…


A Conversation with Chris Llewellyn

Chris Llewellyn

Rend Collective’s Chris Llewellyn Talks About His Son, New Music, and God’s Beauty in Struggle In a recent conversation with Worship Leader Magazine Editor Joshua Swanson, Rend Collective’s Chris Llewellyn opened up about his son, new music, and the beauty of God’s use of struggle to call us back to Him. Llewellyn and Swanson began…

Chris Llewellyn of the Rend Collective
Chris Llewellyn of the Rend Collective

Justin Gambino Devotional: Finding Worship In Iraq

Justin Gambino

In a world filled with stories of despair and hardship, the tale of Justin Gambino stands as a testament to the redeeming power of faith and forgiveness. A worship leader, recording artist, and songwriter hailing from the heart of Texas, Gambino’s life journey is a remarkable testimony of transformation and revival. On an episode of…

Rooted in Faith | Image of Worship Leader Justin Gambino
Rooted in Faith | Image of Worship Leader Justin Gambino

A Conversation with Newsboys


Worship Leader and The Walk Podcast had the exclusive opportunity to dive deep into the minds of the legendary Newsboys, featuring the dynamic duo of Michael Tait and Adam Agee. This candid and enlightening conversation took us on a journey through the intricate world of worship, music, and the challenges that fame brings. The Newsboys…


A Conversation with Benji Cowart

Benji Cowart

Benji Cowart, a renowned Nashville songwriter, opens up about the struggles of balancing his creative profession with his spiritual journey. He candidly admits that the commercial aspects of songwriting have sometimes hindered his spiritual growth. However, he also recognizes that challenging periods can often serve as catalysts for spiritual revival. Cowart underscores the significance of…


Mac Powell Devotional: What is my daily medicine?

Mac Powell

In a heartfelt and insightful devotional, Mac Powell, a renowned worship pastor, musician, and solo Christian artist best known for being a part of the band Third Day, shared his perspective on what he considers to be his daily medicine for physical, mental, and spiritual strength.  Mac Powell centers his discussion on three pillars of…

Mac Powell's Daily Medicine | Image of a worship leader and christian singer
Mac Powell's Daily Medicine | Image of a worship leader and christian singer

A Conversation with Pat Boone

Pat Boone

He has sold over 50 million records over his seven decade career and has recorded more songs than any other artist in history, he’s a legendary singer, a Hollywood actor and personality, an author, a winner of countless awards, but most importantly he has been a man of faith since he was 13 and at…

True Worship Can Happen Anywhere! | Top 10 Recording Artist Pat Boone
True Worship Can Happen Anywhere! | Top 10 Recording Artist Pat Boone

A Conversation with Charity Gayle

Charity Gayle

In this conversation with Charity Gayle, she shares insights about her journey in worship music and her commitment to keeping worship sacred. Charity discusses how she was introduced to worship music through her family’s deeply spiritual upbringing and her early exposure to choir and worship in church. She emphasizes the importance of worshipping in secret…

Charity Gayle Interview
Charity Gayle Interview

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