Aaron Stewart

Aaron Stewart

Aaron is the Co-Founder of Planning Center, an online church management system that started out as a single app to help worship teams get organized and has now grown to over 70,000 churches worldwide. He was previously the Pastor of Music at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, and before that Southwest Community Church in Palm Desert, CA. As a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter with a music degree from Azusa Pacific University, each December Aaron tours the country supporting his 2021 Christmas album. Now working full-time at Planning Center in Carlsbad, California, he still travels as a guest musician and volunteers on his church worship team.

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Creating the Perfect Plan
5 Insights to Perfect Planning

When people come to church, they are trusting that you as the worship leader know where you are going, have been there before, and are ready to help them experience God.

Planning Center Aaron Stewart - Interview with Worship Leader
Aaron Stewart of Planning Center on Worship Leadership, Technology, and Team Building

A Conversation at the Nexus of Worship and Technology Reflecting on the insightful dialogue between…

Organized Desk Aaron Stewart Worship Leader
Organization and Planning for the Creative Mind

How to take the jumbled messes of our minds and make them into something cohesive for the people on our teams.

Does Hillsong Have a College?

Didn’t know Hillsong Church had a college that has classes for worship leadership? Neither did we. So when we found out, we asked Hillsong’s Aaron Mullay to share a little bit about the program and how it’s connected to the church.