Lexi Fromm

Lexi Fromm

Lexi Fromm has an MA in Education and is the President of Worship Leader. Her professional experience includes working on initiatives related to industry innovation, media communications, learning & development, culture building, organization design, technology adoptions and HR operations. Alexandra has consistently demonstrated the ability to adapt quickly and has headed the successful transition of leadership of WL Media, the magazine, the conference, and all things Worship Leader from Chuck Fromm, the founder, into this new partnership under the Authentic Media banner. Her excellent relational skills and determination for change has already had a lasting impact.

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The Revelation of Jesus: Tribulation – A Journey Through the Book of Revelation with David and Nicole Binion

Awakened by God’s voice to write the Revelation of Jesus, David explains, ‘It was an audible voice that woke me out of my sleep. I was stunned and a little reluctant to dive into this scary book of the Bible. But my eyes were opened to the beauty of the Resurrected Jesus and the victory throughout the book.

Brooke Ligertwood Bless God
Brooke Ligertwood “Bless God”: A New Anthem for All Seasons

Brooke Ligertwood’s special release of “Bless God” features a powerful live rendition from Passion 2024 with Brandon Lake, Cody Carnes, and Passion, emphasizing worship as a vital practice in all life seasons. Known for her influential anthems like “What A Beautiful Name,” Ligertwood continues to inspire the Church with her profound dedication to worship and theology.

“Come To Me (The Rest Song)” by Stephen and Hannah Musso

Embracing Divine Rest: The Journey of “Come To Me (The Rest Song)” In the heart…

Laying Down Your Will to Make Room for God’s

A personal story underscoring the profound intersection of faith and acceptance, of personal plans versus God’s plan.

Little Christs by Chuck Fromm
Fromm the Editor: Little Christs

Learn about the first use of the word ”Christian” and how that’s evolved in today’s world.

5 Ways to Honor Mothers this Mother’s Day

5 ways for your Church to make this mother’s day super special for all the moms in your congregation.

Understanding Holy Week

A brief look at the important dates of Holy Week and a song that you can share with friends and family.

Stop Watering Down Worship

We had the opportunity to catch up with Pastor Russell Evans of Planetshakers to hear more about their live recording of, “Revival,” and chat more about the importance of the word in worship.

Love Song to My King

Gatherhouse Music just released their first song and we share with you why we love it so much.

Reflection on 2020: Trusting God

As I reflect back on 2020, I see it as a time where we all were faced with new opportunities to lead and learn along the way. Whether taking your church online for the first time or finding ways to safely gather. But more than anything, this year reminded us to put our trust in God.