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Clarkboards Review

The brainchild of Caleb Clements, Clarkboards is a custom pedalboard company based in Costa Mesa, CA. Clarkboards works with the customer extensively to create the perfect board for each individual. Each customer has the option to get his or her pedalboard custom wired with handmade power and ¼” cables cut to custom length for each pedal.

Yamaha HPH MT7W Review

Designed to be the “NS-10s” of over the ear headphones, the Yamaha HPH MT7W provide a neutral, flat midrange frequency response reminiscent of the classic monitors they were modeled after. Built out of a thick ABS housing, synthetic leather, and rigid die-cast aluminum support-arms, the HPH MT7Ws are incredibly durable and ideal for studio and live monitoring use.

UE 18+ Pro and UE Sound Tap Review

New to the UE Pro lineup this year, the Sound Tap is an innovative, game-changing personal monitoring DI that allows a musician to transform any sound source into a feed for in-ear monitors. Also new to the 2017 lineup is the UE 18+ Pro, a completely re-imagined version of the flagship model of IEM from UE and boy, does it sound good.

Clear Tune Monitors CT-6E Review

Based in Orlando, FL, Clear Tune Monitors have one of the most diverse lineups of custom IEMs on the market. CT-6E sport 6 drivers per ear (1 high, 1 mid, 1 low mid, and dual low) and provide up to -26dB of noise isolation. Clear Tune has one of the biggest selections of shell color and faceplate and offer custom artwork for all their IEMs.

Alto Truesonic TS212 Review

Alto has been one of the leaders in sound reinforcement since its inception in 2000, providing outstanding products at an affordable price, and the new TS212 active loudspeakers do not disappoint. Providing 1100–watt peak/550W continuous class D power, the TS212 has enormous headroom in a small, lightweight enclosure.

ESO Strap Review

Specialty guitar straps have been around for a while now, but it’s not often you see one built with the comfort and ease of the guitar player in mind, which is exactly what the ESO strap seems to target. With its natural curve and comfortable foam, the strap feels unobtrusive and sits naturally on your shoulder.

Gruv Gear GigBlade Review

It may look more like a golf bag than a guitar bag, but the Gruv Gear GigBlade is one of the most innovative and unique guitar gig bags we’ve seen. Constructed of strong, durable nylon, GigBlade offers a lightweight, sturdy carrying case for your acoustic, electric guitar, and bass.

Westone AM Pro 20 Review

When using in-ear monitors on the church stage, how many times have you felt isolated and disconnected with the congregation because you’re unable to hear them through your headphones? The answer to your woes may just lie here in the Westone Am Pro Ambient IEM. Westone Audio has created the Am Pro 20 Ambient in-ear monitors as a universal IEM with a passive ambient design as well as the innovative SLED technology that maintains the full range of frequency response and dynamics.

Tapestry Audio Bloomery Review

The Tapestry Audio Bloomery is a brand new take on the traditional guitar volume pedal in a tiny footprint. At just 7.8″ x 2.25”, Bloomery is one of the thinnest volume pedals on the market, which can save you valuable space on your pedalboard. Constructed from solid steel, Bloomery is extremely heavy duty and weighs a hefty 2.7 pounds.

Alclair Versa Review

The Versa is the newest custom in-ear monitor from Alclair and designed to be an extremely affordable entry-level custom IEM. The Mineappolis-based company has quickly become one of our favorite IEM makers in the past couple years due to their high quality products and fantastic customer service, and true to their reputation, the Versa does not disappoint in sound and features.

Total Drum Cage
Total Drum Cage – A Review for Churches

Sound control is essential for a worship stage, especially when it comes to live drums and we’ve never seen a better solution than Total Drum Cage. Offering three different models, Total Drum Cage can reduce drum volume by up to 27 dB. If you’re looking for a great looking and great sounding drum cage, Total Drum Cage is
the product for you.

PreSonus R80 Monitors Review

Over the past couple years, PreSonus has blown us away with their foray into studio monitors, and the R80 is their latest addition to the impressive lineup. Right away we knew these monitors were different straight out of the box, with the small golden rectangular tweeter and bold blue and black color scheme. However, we weren’t prepared for how good these monitors sounded and how different they would make us think about mixes.