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Bobby Gilles

Bobby and Kristen Gilles live together as husband and wife in New Albany, Indiana, part of the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan region. They serve at Sojourn Community Church of New Albany, where Bobby is Pastor of Operations & Community Life, and Kristen is Director of Children’s Ministry and a worship leader on the Sojourn Music team. They write songs together and collaborate with leaders throughout the multi-congregation Sojourn Church.

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The one thing worship leaders must not forget during Lent.

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Musically, it is what we’ve come to expect from Redman. The songs are anthemic and soaring yet singable, with a mix of tempos in a reliably electric pop soundscape. It is not adventurous music. Redman knows what will get people singing at the top of their lungs, what kind of melodies will stick in their minds, and he delivers it time after time, song upon song.

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