Brendan Prout

Brendan Prout

Author Brendan Prout's long-term goal is to continue raising up and training ministry leaders, providing them with the necessary tools to become effective communicators of the gospel and facilitators of worship from a Biblical perspective. He aims to lead a faith community that is oriented towards God, focusing on glorifying Him and expressing the love of Christ through practical actions.

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5 Tips for a Successful Christmas Eve Service

A short collection of practical advice to help create and deliver a season of Christmas services that will be engaging for both church members and guests.

Worship Ideas for Christmas 2021

Three suggestions to help keep your Christmas Eve service from getting overly complicated.

Our Favorite Worship Songs for Christmas 2021

A short mix of songs both modern and ancient that serve well to express worship in the Advent and Christmas season.

Traditional Versus Contemporary Worship

Struggling between contemporary and traditional music approaches? This essay from 200 years ago might help.

The Family at Worship

Family is a term whose importance cannot be understated when it comes to our relationship with God and with others. We who are saved by Christ are adopted by God into His family, named as His sons and daughters, and given equal rights as co-heirs to the kingdom as if we stood on equal footing with His son Jesus. As such, we are pronounced as nobility in the most royal family, named as priests in the most royal priesthood.

Worship As Cultural Confrontation

To worship is to ascribe to the Lord the value He deserves and the honor His Name is worthy to receive, and to express our hearts toward Him. Amazingly, He invites us to engage with Him in both solemn ritual and in joyful celebration and communion.

Worship Reformation: The Sound of Spiritual Awakening In the Covid Crisis

When Martin Luther nailed the Ninety-five Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg…

How Deep the Father’s Word for Us

Table Talk Column with Brendan Prout Click Here To Join The Conversation Even with the…

Serving With Passion—Be That Person

This is the definition of a team member who goes above and beyond—a holy service approach for us all to strive for. 

Thoughts on using Charts and Music Stands in Worship

Is this discussion dividing hearts and minds in your ministry? Join the conversation.

Planned Spontaneous Singing

Practicing how to include non-practiced elements in our worship leadership.

11 Stages of Preparation

Here’s a checklist for preparing for your teams on new songs.