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Album Review: The Maker & The Instrument

God speaks to His creation in any number of ways. He whispers calm to our hearts; He speaks love through the words of others; He paints reassurance across the sky in rainbows that reflect His endless creativity. 


Joel and Luke Smallbone, better known as for King & Country, have earned a career…

Serve To Worship

(Originally Published in Worship Leader Magazine Vol 28 No 2) Without fail, nearly every song…

Master of God, Beloved of God: A Commencement Address

And when you feel overwhelmed by the neediness of all the people in your community—of the extroverts and the introverts, of the single and the married with a quiver of children, of the old and lonely and the young and the restless, of the theologically fussy and the theologically negligent—what’s their truest name? Beloved.

Summer 2019 Must-Haves Playlist!

The heat is on and with school out, swimming pools open, and visions of sandy getaways tempting us from our office, cubicle, or VBS carpool lane, we know there’s one way guaranteed to deliver summer vibes at any time, in any place–music! That’s why we decided to curate our own list of summer 2019 tunes.

Before the Sunrise: Preparing the Heart for Worship on the Most Sacred of Days

As Easter morning draws near, the church remembers the glory of the resurrection. This day…