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Constance Cherry

I like to think of those of us who have responsibilities for planning and leading worship as “worship architects.” I am called to equip present and future generations of worship architects. I do this through conference speaking, teaching in various academic settings, webinars, writing books, composing music, and producing a variety of worship resources of all types.

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Sent As A Song Into The World – Part 1

There is a text to your life’s song. You don’t have to find it or create it. Instead, it comes to us as a gift from Jesus who speaks truth into our lives, giving us the narrative wherein we find our identity as his disciples.

Theologians & Theorists: Reforming Worship in God’s Image

WL recently asked a question of some of the most eloquent and enjoyable people we…

How would Jesus worship?
Worship Like Jesus

We have before us an urgent call to discover what our Teacher, Jesus, would show us if he were among us today. If we could watch him or hear him, what would we learn about worship? I imagine it might turn a few things upside down. Worship, as we have come to know it today, may even come unhinged. That’s okay. Maybe it needs to. 

The Art and Heart of Successful Liturgy

Liturgy is a bit of a worship buzzword these days; what does it mean and how does it affect your leadership?

Trinitarian Worship Dance

Let me offer three words to help us increase our participation in Christ-centered worship: anticipation, incarnation, and resurrection.