Christopher Watson

Christopher Watson

Christopher Watson is an author of six books, both fiction and non-fiction. He is also a musician and composer with a B.A. in Music from Azusa Pacific University. For several years Christopher led worship at The Springs Church while attending Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas Texas. He's been involved with worship in a number of churches in California and the Pacific Northwest both as a musician and in production and technology. Now he lives and writes in Washington State with his amazing wife, wonderful daughters, and highly intelligent dog, Ellie Mae.

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Martin Smith Dancing In The Fire album review
Martin Smith “Dancing In The Fire”: A CCM and Worship Album Review

With the album, Dancing In The Fire, Martin Smith brings an entertaining British-Rock sound that breathes fresh air into the worship and CCM landscape.

Breathe Over Me by Libby Lewis Song Review
Song Review: “Breathe Over Me” by Libby Lewis

Libby Lewis song Breath Over Me is a great first offering into the worship world. This authentic song is strong and prayerful.

Dwan Hill - Let It Be Your Will
Dwan Hills Let It Be Your Will: A Listeners Story

Dwan Hills Let It Be Your Will is a prayer for our time. It professes the serenity of knowing God is in control and his will is good.

Christian Songwriters Most Powerful Tool
The Christian Song-Writers Most Powerful Tool: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible

The Christian Song-Writers Most Powerful Tool is understanding the Word of God. “Living By the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible,” is an invaluable tool for digging into scripture to go beyond a shallow understanding of his truth.

Album Review Hope Darst
Album Review: “If The Lord Builds The House” by Hope Darst

Hope Darst sophomore album address victories, hardships, and the journey of faith. Hopes strong vocals provide a firm foundation for a project close to her heart.

Celebrate Africa KingDMusic
A Song Review: “Hallelujah” by Celebrate Africa and Kingdmusic

A Music Review: “Hallelujah” by Celebrate Africa and Kingdmusic. Tommy and Daniel Deuschle with Denga Takalani, have written a wonderful, high energy worship song. This song of hope and victory seeks to incorporate the feel and musical heritage of Zimbabwe, where the Deuschle brothers hail from. Written in both English and Bantu, it declares the glory of the Lord and his victory over all things.

Steven Curtis Chapman Album Still Review_blog-cover
An Album Review: “Still” by Steven Curtis Chapman

With deep roots in Christian Contemporary Music Steven Curtis Chapman has a new album, Still. Exploring themes of hope, grace, joy, and forgiveness Steven opens up about his journey of faith.

Laura Hackett Park Find Me In The Garden Album Review
Laura Hackett Park’s “Find Me in The Garden” sets a high bar.

Find Me in The Garden brings a refreshing and creative musical experience. It mixes prayer and meditation in a sensitive musical offering. It also challenges the modern worship industries standard for creativity and excellence.

Meredith Andrews Carry the World Song-Review
A Song Review: “Carry the World” by Meredith Andrews

Meredith Andrews song “Carry the World” is a passionate ballad about Gods desire to carry our burdens. Originally released on her Spanish album, “Ábrenos Los Cielos”, this song has a message of hope for any one experiencing challenging times. “Carry the World” will encourage, bolder and the spirits of believers around the world with it’s encouragement.

Album Review Cody Carnes God is Good
Album Review: “God is Good” by Cody Carnes

In Cody Carnes, live album “God is Good”, Cody focuses on Gods goodness, grace and love.

Zach Williams A Hundred Highways Album Review
Album Review: “A Hundred Highways” by Zach Williams

“A Hundred Highway” by Zach Williams is a country rock testimony of redemption.