Christy Nockels

Christy Nockels

Christy Nockels has long had a huge appreciation for music and for ministry and its role in the kingdom of God. As a worship leader for over 25 years, she’s seen first hand how music can usher people into the presence of God in a powerful way. Whether she’s singing a soft, lullaby or belting out a corporate anthem, Christy’s heart has always been to simply lead people to connect and communicate with the living God.

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Christy Nockels Worship Leader
Christy Nockels – The Heart of a Worship Leader

Christy Nockels, along with her husband Nathan, have led worship in their local church, on…

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Christy Nockels – We have a “response-a-bility” in worship.

“We have a Response-a-bility.” Christy Nockels brings her depth of experience and thoughtfulness to this…

The Rest Will Come

Feeling burned out? Here’s some encouragement for worn out worship leaders.