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Crystal Yates

Crystal Yates resides in Mckinney, TX with her husband Will and their two boys. Crystal and her husband have been leading worship together ever since they met in college over 20 years ago. She knew she would be leading others in worship and writing songs some day. “I saw a husband and wife leading worship at my granny’s church when I was 5 years old, I felt God’s presence so strong, and I knew that’s who I wanted to be”, says Crystal. Heeding to that calling, Crystal Yates has made an indelible mark in Christian music, with songs she’s authored topping the charts and being recorded by artists such as Selah, Micah Tyler, Jason Crabb, Latin artist Julissa, and many many more. Many of her songs, such as “What Mercy Did For Me”, “You Are Emmanuel”, “I Got Saved”, are sung in congregations every Sunday at churches around the world, bringing back full circle the passion once ignited as a little girl.

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