Dan Shields

Dan Shields

Dan has an Undergraduate Degree in Guitar Performance from the University of Pittsburgh and Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance from Duquesne University. He has had the chance to play with lots of wonderful and amazing musicians who have inspired him and helped him to grow. And he’s been graced with the opportunity to have played in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, India and all over the U.S. He has played on hundreds of studio sessions since he was in his early twenties. Dan was the music director for the House Band at Creation Festival-one of the largest Christian festivals in the world, Youth Specialties-one of the largest Youth Conferences in the world, and March For Jesus-one of the largest parades in Pittsburgh history. Dan was the winner of Pittsburgh’s Best Guitarists and a finalist in The Casio Jazz National Competition and has been featured in Downbeat and Guitar Player magazine. Dan served at Covenant Church of Pittsburgh under Bishop Joseph Garlington and currently serves as the Worship Director of Orchard Hill Church under Dr. Kurt Bjorklund.

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