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David Bunker

David Bunker, along with being WL's guest editor, is a poet and teacher, spiritual director and resident muse for artists who are part of the Museville Collective. He is also adjunct faculty at Visible Music College & Judson University in the music and worship arts departments.

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The Role of Creativity and Imagination in Worship

One aspect of creativity is the heart’s deep affinity with story and image. When a story is offered up via a profound rendering of truth and/or beauty, our response, whether emotional, physical, spiritual or intellectual can potentially be formed into faithfulness.

Rosemarie Adcock - "The Wedding at Cana" This oil painting on canvas depicts the account of the first recorded miracle of Jesus when he turned water into wine. See more at rosemarieadcock.com | © 2018 Chapel Galleries
Remembering Babette’s Feast

In worship, Christ’s table is set and a beautiful meal is being continually offered. This meal is one of delight and beauty. Its nourishment builds up in us the awareness we are covered by grace and sustained by love.

Nepalese children praying
Wonder and Worship

A child’s world is novel, new, and beautiful, full of curiosity and anticipation. Is this clear-eyed vision merely a naiveté or a deeply endowed instinct for what is truly beautiful and awe-inspiring?