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Greg LaFollette

Greg LaFollette is a musician and producer in Nashville,TN. He is the resident artist at a local church plant, Grace Story Church, and serves as their director of arts and liturgy.

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Song Story for the Album “All I Need”

“Here at the table of wine and broken bread I find all I need.” This…

Song Story: “I Shall Not Want” By David Taylor & Paul Zach

“Though I hunger and I thirst, though I wander and I stray I shall not…

Song Story: “Let This House Be Filled With Hallelujahs”

This song was selected for Song Discovery before the upheaval caused by the pandemic, but today I find myself struck by a literal interpretation of the lyrics of the chorus. “Let this house be filled with hallelujahs.”

Song Story: “Forever Amen”

“All the kingdom, all the power, all the glory is yours forever.” – “Forever Amen”…

Song Story: “Take Heart”

“Let my soul now rest, I am in your hands; all my future and my…

Song Story: “Give Thanks”

“Give thanks to the Lord. All the earth, join the song.” Often the songs that…

Song Story: “Higher”

“All my weakness, all my sickness, every worry; You can have it all. All desires,…

Song Discovery Wrapped

As I reflect on 2019 and my first year as director of Song Discovery, I feel grateful for all of the wonderful people I’ve met, the inspiring conversations I’ve shared, and the brilliant art that I’ve had the privilege of distributing to worship leaders around the world.

Song Story: “New Name”

[waveplayer ids=”35429″] “You called me yours and I’ll never be the same. You called me…

Song Story: “Still You Are Good”

“Even if the storm never ceases raging; if the water never turns to wine…still you are good to me.”

Song Story: Hope Has A Name

“Hope has a name. His name is Jesus.” This song sings like a modern hymn,…

Song Story: “Abide With Me”

“Thou has not left me though I oft left Thee; on to the close, Lord, abide with me.”