Greg Jones

Greg Jones

Greg Jones is a musician, music teacher, worship leader, and independent recording artist.

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Tips for New Worship Leaders

Here are some of the lesser-known tips that will help new worship leaders get a deeper understanding of their role.

10 Things Worship Leaders Would Like Their Church to Know About Worship Leading

Here is some language to help you explain some of the difficulties you might be facing with your team or leadership.

Raising the Bar

How quality music can affect the growth of your church, even if you aren’t aware that it’s happening.

A Different Take on Why People Might Not Be Singing

We all know the typical reasons sited for a mute congregation, but here are 3 less-explored possibilities.

The Humility Confidence Connection

How worship leaders can lead with confidence as well as serve with humility?

The Righteous Riffs

How to use electric guitar in worship.

Explaining Worship

Giving context to why we worship and what it means is instrumental in leading our communities of faith.

Playing for the Music

When our band’s musical taste gets in the way of the worship music.

How to Find the Best Key for a Vocalist

Here’s a process for you to follow when matching a song to a particular vocalist’s range.

Worship Leading Vision

Ideas and suggestions for leading a worship ministry with a clear vision.

Is Your Ministry Based on Personal Preference?

5 ways to navigate towards truth in the face of personal opinions and desires.

Handling Criticism

When worship critics arise, how will you respond? Here are some biblically founded options.