Guy The Tech Guy

Guy The Tech Guy

Meet Guy the Tech Guy (which is our name for the Tech Editorial Team): your interstellar navigator through the vast universe of church audio and video technology. With years of experience that spans the galaxy—from the early days of analog mixers to the latest in digital streaming—he's the Yoda of church tech, offering wisdom with a touch of humor that's as refreshing as a breeze on Tatooine. Guy's journey began in the analog age, a time when VHS was king, and mixers were as large as spaceships. His passion for blending the art of worship with the science of sound and vision led him to serve in roles as varied as Audio Engineer, Technical Director, Media Pastor, and even Worship Pastor, each position a different planet in the tech universe, rich with its own challenges and discoveries. Despite his vast knowledge and experience, Guy remains down-to-earth and approachable. He's dedicated to not just teaching the hows and whys of technology but also the spiritual underpinnings of worship arts. Whether it's a small rural church looking to livestream their services for the first time or a large congregation seeking to enhance their worship experience with cutting-edge audiovisuals, Guy is ready to lend his expertise, ensuring every technical detail is in harmony with the heart of worship.

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