Dr. Lester Ruth

Dr. Lester Ruth

Lester Ruth is a historian of Christian worship with particular interests in the early church and the last 250 years, especially the history of contemporary praise and worship. He is passionate about enriching the worship life of current congregations, regardless of style. He believes that careful reflection on the worship of other Christians—whether past or present, whether Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox—can serve to enrich the church today. Dr. Ruth is a member of the Charles Wesley Society and served as president until the spring of 2016. He recently co-authored Lovin’ On Jesus: A Concise History of Contemporary Worship with Dr. Swee Hong Lim. He and Dr. Lim are working on a larger history of this same liturgical phenomenon to be published in 2021. This upcoming book is tentatively entitled Presence and Purpose: The Parallel History of Praise & Worship and Contemporary Worship.

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Loving our Baton-Passing, Triune God

What I am suggesting is that, when we direct our love to God, there is a deference that takes place among the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. In other words, when we seek to love One of these, that Person directs our attention to Another within the Trinity. The baton of love is passed among the Three.

The Example of Charles Wesley | Capturing Biblical Honesty in Songwriting

How can songwriters capture some of this same dynamic of honest expression yet do so in a way that is not simply self-indulgent?

How Eastern Orthodox Artists Help Us Write Ancient New Songs

How Eastern Orthodox writers can help us write ancient new songs

Songwriting According to Charles Wesley

Worship scholar Lester Ruth helps us understand honest worship songwriting using the example of a master.