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Marcus Criner

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Worship Team Devotional with Marcus Criner
Worship Team Devotional: Lift The Room

The main takeaway from this article is to communicate our role as worship leaders. Our role is to lift the atmosphere by putting all attention and focus toward our father.

Famous or Fruitful: Development Over Discovery

As worship leaders and creatives social media, advertising, and church culture has daily bombarded us with the temptation to compare, to try to get discovered, and the desire to become famous or well-known. But is that the goal? Should that be taking space in our minds, and governing our daily tasks? Of course not. Our main desire as Worship Leaders is to be fruitful with the gifts that God has given, not famous.

Playing Beyond Your Preparation

Originally Published in Worship Leader Magazine Vol 28 No 3 By Marcus Criner I am…

Thermostats: A Devotional For Worship Leaders

“I will come to the level of your expectation.” Those were the words I heard…