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Paul Baloche

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Paul Baloche - Writing Songs for Worship
Crafting Worshipful Melodies: Paul Baloche Unveils the Art of Songwriting

Stripping away unnecessary complexity allows the congregation to connect more deeply with the message.


“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one…

A Leading Worship Performance

I see my role as a “Worship Pastor that uses music (art) as a tool…

How to Write Songs for Your Own Congregation

Always have your antennae up. A large part of a songwriter’s job is to find…

Stop Trying to Write Songs

What?! What a discouraging admonition you may be thinking after seeing the title of this…

How to Apply Your Phrase or Melody in Worship Songwriting

Once we feel like we have an inspired phrase or melody, it’s time to worship…

Word of Encouragement with Paul Baloche

During our April 2020 WL Gathering, Paul Baloche joined us to lead worship and share a word of encouragement.

5 Caricatures of a Worship Leader

Here are a few common worship leading mistakes and how to remedy them.