Robb Redman

Robb Redman

Robb Redman is currently Professor of Theology and Ministry and Director of Ministry Programs at South College (TN). He also serves as Consulting Editor for Worship Leader magazine since its inception in 1992. He has previously served as an academic leader at Fuller Theological Seminary, A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary/Simpson University, Multnomah Biblical Seminary/Multnomah University, and South University. Ordained in the Christian & Missionary Alliance, he has pastored congregations in Oregon, California, Texas, and Georgia. He currently lives near Savannah, GA.

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Prayer Guide for Resilient Worship Leaders
A Prayer for Resilient Worship Leaders

Pray that we would be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to become more resilient for our lives and work.

Are You a Worship Educator?

The need for men and women to train and equip the next generation of worship…

Three Gardens: An Easter Devotion

For Christians around the world, Easter represents the high water mark of corporate and personal…

Three Gardens A Lent Devotion Blog
Three Gardens: A Lenten Devotion

Worship Leader founder Chuck Fromm (1950-2020) was fond of describing worship and prayer as “garden…

Worship Educators Association (WEA) with Robert (Robb) Redman
Worship Educators Association (WEA) Officially Launches to Connect and Empower Worship Education Professionals

The goal of WEA is to connect and empower worship education professionals globally.

Worship in the Average Church Part 3 - Praise vs. Profit
Where Did Everybody Go? Breaking Down the Decline in Worship Attendance

Researchers probe the drop-off in worship attendance since the Covid-19 pandemic. The results are both…

The Jesus Revolution
The Jesus Revolution: Then & Now

An unexpected – but not unprepared for – outpouring spiritual awakening among young people paved the way for new forms of worship, outreach, and leadership that transformed American Christianity.

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