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Eucharist Means “Thanksgiving”

Seeing our times of communion as joyous times at the table of thanksgiving.

High-Touch Worship: “The Peace of the Lord”

Christian worship has always been a “high-touch” affair. “Greet one another with a holy kiss,”…

The First Theologian of New Song

Occasionally, an ancient writer hits you with a jaw-dropping-ly fresh insight. The first theologian to…

Embrace and Defeat the Shame

By Dr. Reggie Kidd “O God, by the passion of your blessed Son you made…

The Best Song for Advent

There is one song in particular that I commend to you this Advent, an especially lovely song of yearning. The Bible calls it the “Song of Songs,” that is, “the best song.” It’s a song about yearning for love—and especially during this particular season of Advent-waiting, I’d offer it as genuinely “the best song.”

Finding Beauty in Ugliness

By Reggie Kidd Without sugar-coating reality, the Bible carries about it an irrepressible hopefulness, a…

Reading the Bible with the Ancients

How do we take the Bible as God’s Word and make it the text for our lives when we come across words like these?

Cathedrals of Meaning

Originally Published in Worship Leader Magazine Vol 28 No 3 By Dr. Reggie Kidd In…

What’s Missing in Today’s Worship Songwriting?

10 worship thinkers tell songwriters what is missing in current worship song theology.

On Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs

In his letters, Paul gave us one of the most important passages of Scripture regarding music. Here is an in-depth conversation between worship theologians about its meaning.