Rory Noland

Rory Noland

Rory Noland is the director of Heart of the Artist Ministries, an organization dedicated to serving artists in the church. He mentors worship leaders, speaks at churches, workshops, and conferences, leads retreats for artists, and consults with churches in the areas of worship and the arts. Rory is also a published songwriter and has authored four books, all published by Zondervan.

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Polarity: Tips for Working with a Type-A-Personality Pastor

Q:  I love my pastor, but sometimes I question whether we’re a good fit for…

Rory Noland Worship With No Music
Rory Noland – Read the lyrics.

It may sound simple, but approaching a song by reading the lyrics before singing the…

Goals Made Easy

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Speak Up
Technology in Worship: Speaking Up

If I had any advice for the men and women who serve in the technical arts, it could be summed up in two words: speak up. Speak up about what you need to do your job. Speak up when you require more information concerning the technical needs of a service

Getting Your Worship Team to Show Up On Time

How to communicate expectations and set up a culture of punctuality with a bunch of musicians.

Rory Noland - Dealing with Attitude Problems
Dealing With Attitude Problems

Bad attitudes are the nemesis of every ministry. Here are some suggestions on dealing with them in your ministry.

Considering a Saturday Night Service?

Three factors to think about if you are planning on adding another worship service.

7 Characteristics of a Seasoned Worship Leader

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Worship Leader for Hire?

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When Conflict Arises

Leadership means dealing with all aspects of group interaction. Here is how to courageously deal with conflict on the worship team.