Steve Reed

Steve Reed

Hi! We're Steve and Shawn Reed! We love leading people to worship God. We record the songs that help us worship and hope they are a blessing to you. We have had the wonderful opportunity to travel to many churches across the world to lead worship and conduct customized training sessions. We also partner with Worship Leader Magazine as hosts of the Worship Leader Podcast. We have two handsome boys who often lead with us on bass and drums. We thoroughly enjoy living in Nashville, TN! For more information about worship team training please visit

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Podcast Episode #20: Keys to Collaboration with Point of Grace, Allan Hall from Selah, and Andrew Greer

Getting everyone on the same page can be tricky and it only gets harder the…

Code 49 by M-Audio Review

Bottom Line: If you want to control your keyboard and synthesizer sounds, this is one of the best.

Episode 16: 2020 Christmas Special

We asked our special guests about what they do for Christmas and this is what we got. Lot’s of fun answers. Merry Christmas everyone from Worship Leader!

Episode 15: Songs & Stories with Miriam Webster

We sat down with legendary worship leader and songwriter Meriam Webster.

Worship & Missions

Worship is a great unifier on the mission field. If you lead in the love God has given you, then the people you are serving will see it and respond. God will work through you as you trust Him and follow His calling.

True Revival with Jonathan & Melissa Helser

We sat down with the Bethel Worship couple Jonathan and Melissa Helser (No Longer Slaves & Raise A Hallelujah) fresh off the release of Bethel’s latest release entitled, Revival’s In the Air to understand the heart behind the project and the story behind the song.

Podcast: God Dreams Have No Expiration with Hope Darst

Join us as we talk with stay at home mom turned recording artist Hope Darst,…

Podcast: Seasons of Life & Ministry with Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James is back with a brand new praise and worship album that once…

Ministering To The Hearts of Children with Ellie Holcomb

Ellie shares some simple and yet powerful insights into leading kids to worship.

Michael W. Smith Drive In Concert

“Real, true, authentic Worship is needed now – maybe more than ever. If God has put you in a position to lead people in Worship – nurture that gift. Develop it. Keep it fresh. Treasure it because leading Worship is, in fact a gift.” -MWS

Cody Carnes: Mr. On Time

When God speaks you don’t always understand the ‘why’ behind the instructions. However, when circumstances…

Elevation’s Chris Brown | Group of Musicians Sitting Together
Elevation’s Chris Brown: Graves Into Gardens

You may want to double-check the name on the cover as Elevation dives deep into…