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Skye Reedy

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Skye Reedy Releases Your Church
Skye Reedy’s Debut Live Album “Your Church” Brings Healing and Worship

After enduring a long season of life-threatening sickness and chronic disease, Skye experienced a personal healing miracle while worshiping God in her home.

Skye Reedy
Story Behind the Prayer Song “Can’t Hold Back” by Skye Reedy

A new live recording of my worship song Can’t Hold Back. The story behind writing this prayer song a week before the world went into a shutdown. A song about lifting up a sound of praise in the face of fear.

Worship Team Devotional on Walking In Forgiveness

Walking in Forgiveness On Your Worship Team. Part 3 of my Worship Team Devotional on reconciliation and unity. Sharing the heart behind my new song RECONCILE!

Worship Team Devotional on Reconciling Division

Skye Reedy shares a worship team devotional. More to come from this special 4 part series on Reconciliation.

Worship Team Devotional on the Story of Reconciliation in the Christmas Season

Skye Reedy shares a worship team devotional for the Christmas season. More to come from this special 4 part series on Reconciliation.

Song Story | “Reconcile”

Sharing the story and heart behind my new song Reconcile. Christ has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

Practical Spiritual Preparation for Leading Worship

How to make space to prepare your heart before leading worship. Creating rhythms of rest and encounter that fix our eyes on what matters most amidst all the details of planning a worship set.

Leading Worship from Deep Places

How to lead people in worship from sacred experiences in God’s presence.

Song Story: “Can’t Hold Back” By Skye Reedy

Skye Reedy shares the story behind her new single “Can’t Hold Back” I’ll never forget…