Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes is the Senior Pastor of Gas Street Church in Birmingham, passionately embodying the role with a vision to be 'Light for the City.' Renowned as an international worship leader and songwriter, Tim founded 'Worship Central,' a global initiative dedicated to training worship leaders. His fervor for worship is marked by his commitment to crafting songs through a profound process of prayer, surrender, and keen observation—attributes that have significantly shaped his approach to both music and ministry. Notably, Tim wrote “Here I Am to Worship,” one of the most influential modern worship anthems, and has earned two Dove Awards for his contributions to Christian music—all before turning 29. His passion extends beyond music; it's about intently listening to God and discerning the evolving needs of the church in worship. At Gas Street Church, Tim finds his greatest joy in leading a community where people can genuinely encounter God’s presence. He is dedicated to communicating God’s truth and expanding God’s Kingdom across Birmingham by mentoring the next generation of Kingdom-leaders. As a devoted father, he cherishes his role in nurturing his five wonderful children, finding deep significance in both his personal and pastoral life.

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