Warren Anderson

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Fostering Beauty in Worship

The final suggestion for promoting beauty in worship is at once simple and difficult. Anyone can do it; it’s that easy. Most of us don’t; it’s that countercultural.

Renewing Worship – The Positive Payoff of Messing with Convention

Purists, prepare to harrumph. That long, low, guttural sound you hear emanating from the east…

Joy to the World: Truth and Grace in the Midst of Worship Wars

Young Isaac Watts had a serious dilemma. The son of a church deacon, Watts loved…

Our Welcoming Words

Three keys to directly addressing and welcoming nonbelievers or visitors.

5 Myths About Martin Luther

Martin Luther was pivotal in the Reformation, but sometimes the truth is buried by the legend. Here are some debunked myths about Luther.