Warren Anderson

Warren Anderson

Dr. Anderson, a Judson alumnus (’86), serves as Director of Judson’s Demoss Center for Worship in the Performing Arts, with responsibilities that include directing the Judson University Choir and teaching in the Worship Arts and Music departments.

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Fostering Beauty in Worship

The final suggestion for promoting beauty in worship is at once simple and difficult. Anyone can do it; it’s that easy. Most of us don’t; it’s that countercultural.

Renewing Worship – The Positive Payoff of Messing with Convention

Purists, prepare to harrumph. That long, low, guttural sound you hear emanating from the east…

Joy to the World: Truth and Grace in the Midst of Worship Wars

Young Isaac Watts had a serious dilemma. The son of a church deacon, Watts loved…

Our Welcoming Words

Three keys to directly addressing and welcoming nonbelievers or visitors.

5 Myths About Martin Luther

Martin Luther was pivotal in the Reformation, but sometimes the truth is buried by the legend. Here are some debunked myths about Luther.