Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Over the last 30 years, Worship Leader Magazine has been blessed to have many different contributors on the editorial team - this is their archive.

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Christian Songwriter Aaron Williams | Visual Description of Image
Aaron Williams: Revival One Person At A Time

Our culture celebrates things like “life hacks” and “faster is better” and “multi-tasking your way…

Chris-Tomlin live stream Always album
Chris Tomlin Shares the Heart Behind His NEW Album “Always”

Join Chris Tomlin as he walks through the heart of his new album, ‘Always’, available…

Amazing Grace: The Story Behind the Song

This documentary, produced by Emblem Media LLC, focuses on the person John Newton, and the…

Body Work: Understanding Where Anatomy Meets Worship

Besides being a worshiper that punctuated his letters with prayers and doxologies, the Apostle Paul…

Danny Gokey Offers Encouragement for Worship Teams

We caught up with Danny Gokey and asked him what advice/encouragement he would share with…

New Music Review: “This Is How I Thank The Lord” by Mosaic MSC

Music Review of Mosaic MSC, “This Is How I Thank The Lord”

The Story Behind Gateway Worship’s Recent Song, “Living God”

Worship pastor and songwriter Zac Rowe recently joined us to discuss the inspiration and writing process behind Gateway Worship’s recent song, “Living God.”

MercyMe’s Return to Self

Read about MercyMe’s process of renewal and how their new album is a breath of fresh air for the band.

The Musician As Worship Leader

Tony Guerrero shares the importance of the musician being equally viewed as leading in worship.

Releasing Your Congregation to Worship

Leading worship is not a formula. It’s not simply a technical skill.There are technical skills…

Production Empathy

Here are some directives to help you in the continual process of learning to serve.

Getting Beyond the Pop

I read with great interest the many articles on songwriting for worship in Worship Leader…