Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Over the last 30 years, Worship Leader Magazine has been blessed to have many different contributors on the editorial team - this is their archive.

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Hillsong Conference Madison Square Garden, NYC

We compiled the setlists and some pictures from the Hillsong Conference that took place on Oct. 16-18 in New York City.

The Problem of Playing Too Skillfully

For many of us, nothing distracts like awesome displays of musical prowess. Hence, we need to be aware that our excellent musicianship has the very real potential of getting in the way of the corporate worship we endeavor to lead.

Worship State of Mind

Worship, it seems, is about us, about our life, the way we behave, the way we sacrifice our lives …

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2014, So Far

There certainly are more to come throughout the year, but at this point, here are our favorite songs.

Music Review: Indescribable

Have you ever given a gift to a friend or family member and secretly regretted…

Gretsch G5034TFT Rancher Acoustic Review

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something truly unique on an acoustic guitar, but I don’t think any other word can describe the Gretsch G5034TFT Rancher. The G5034 comes in a standard dreadnought body with an arched maple top and back with mahogany sides and neck to give it a full, natural sound.

Dealing With Criticism

Every worship leader wears a target; the question is how will you respond to the “advice” you so often receive?

The Hymnal

Following the rich and varied tradition of curating music, a few ministries are declaring that the hymnal is still very much alive. Find out who they are and what each unique collection of hymns looks like.

Musical Schema of CCS | What On Earth Are We Singing?

A series on the contemporary congregational song – Part 5

A Guide to System Design

The following template lays out the framework needed to implement media systems that improve communication, allow conversation, and edify the body.

Interview: Alclair

Get insight on this high-quality IEM company.

Korg Taktile 49 Review

With the power of computers growing exponentially and the sound of software synthesizers becoming virtually indistinguishable from their analog counterparts, MIDI is a great, cost effective way to expand your keyboard tone palate. A great MIDI controller is essential to using MIDI synths properly and the Taktile 49 doesn’t just provide a great MIDI controller, but takes the creative workflow to another level.