Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Over the last 30 years, Worship Leader Magazine has been blessed to have many different contributors on the editorial team - this is their archive.

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Worship Music for Mother’s Day

We’re giving thanks to God for the wonderful mothers He’s blessed us with.

5 Creative Craft Ideas for Mother’s Day

We’re sharing 5 creative and affordable crafts you can do this Mother’s Day.

Worship at the Speed of Sound

A look at the accelerating pace of creation, distribution, ascent & decline in the Life of congregational worship songs through a study called “Worship at the Speed of Sound,” conducted by Mike Tapper, Marc Jolicoeur, Lisa Corbin, Charldon Dennis and Andrea Hunter.

Responding to the Study “Worship at the Speed of Sound”

Worship Leader Mag responds to the new study “Worship at the Speed of Sound” with questions in an effort to find answers.

10 apps that will help you become a better musician

We all know rehearsal time is precious and sometimes not long enough. With that being…

Worship Leaders Share Their Most Memorable (and Hilarious) Easter Moments

We asked you (members of our worship tribe) to share some memorable Easter moments with…

New Worship Song from Matthew Harris & Kyle Lee – “I Need You”

Songwriter and worship leader Matthew Harris joined us recently to discuss the inspiration and writing process behind the Gateway Worship song, “I Need You.” Check out our Q&A below.

Video: Looking at Easter Through a Child’s Eyes

We’re excited to share this video from our very own Jason Naumann! His kids do…

FAQs Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship

We’re constantly being asked which acoustic guitars are best for worship and if it’s really…

New music coming from Charles Billingsley

We’re excited to share with y’all about some exciting news: Charles Billingsley is releasing new…

Is this going too far?

Today, on National Pet Day, Fender and Perri’s are announcing a collection of products made…

Brandon Lake is coming to a town near you!

We’re excited to share that Brandon Lake is FINALLY headlining his own tour and we…